Over 40% of workers said their company loyalty would increase if their benefit options were customized to meet their individual needs. We can help you create a comprehensive solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an employee benefits adviser?

An individual or firm that advises an employer in matters related to group insurance or otherwise called their employee benefit program.

Who does an employee benefits adviser represent?

An independent employee benefits adviser will always represent you, the client, not an insurance provider.

Do employee benefit advisers advise on all matters employee benefits related?

No, an employee benefits adviser is not a tax or legal adviser. Nor should they try to be. A competent adviser with work as part of a team, along with tax and legal professionals, to create the most effective, efficient program possible.

How do advisers typically get paid for their services?

Advisers can be compensated through commissions built into the products used in creating your solution, or through a fee arrangement. Regardless, any relationship should be based on full transparency, allowing you to determine your level of satisfaction with the value provided.